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Looking back

25 years ago

From the Nov. 12, 1987 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

New computer curriculum planned for Parkview

A new computer curriculum is currently being implemented in all grade levels at Parkview Elementary School, Rosemount. The program will help students to learn to think logically and to develop problem-solving skills. Grades four and five will also have the opportunity to develop keyboarding skills.

Parkview was able to hire a part-time computer clerk by using discretionary funds.

Dist. 196 approves tax levy increase

Property owners in District 196 will pay almost $6.5 million more in 1988, based upon the administrative recommendation.

The primary reason for the increase is the $47.5 million bond issue referendum that passed last March to construct three new schools in Eagan, renovate Rosemount Middle School and the district stadium at Rosemount High School, and purchase additional land. Changes made by the legislature in the school aid formula also contributed to the increase.

Property taxes are affected not only by what the school district levies, but also by what the city and county levy. So, how the school's tax levy increase will affect individual taxpayers in District 196 is unclear at this time, according to Tom Nelson, director of support services.

50 years ago

From the Nov. 8, 1962 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

County roads re-numbered; maps are now being printed

Dakota County maps are now being printed in which 427 miles of County State Aid, and county roads have been re-numbered.

Purpose of the re-numbering is the eliminating of duplicate numbers. All county roads through 36 are double numbered - that is, there's a County Road 3 different from a County State Aid Road 3.

Some 750 road signs will be replaced, according to County Engineer Jim Gabiou. Some signs can be salvaged from the old system.

The new system goes something like this:

Even numbered roads go generally east and west with the lowest numbers at the top (north), are progressing toward the south. The farthest-south road will bear the number 96.

The odd numbered roads go north and south, with the lowest number to the left side of the map (west side), and the highest (number 93) to the right.

Ample spacing has been allowed in the numbering for inclusion of new roads.

Gradually, the road signs will appear with reflectorized faces to help motorists find their way at night. Workers will begin placing the signs late in December.

Road numbers on the map will be placed in an O, signifying a County State Aid Highway. Those in a diamond will be county roads.

Township roads are generally not numbered, except in places where they have names.

New five million

gallon gas tank now taking shape

A new 5 million gallon propane gas tank is at the final stages of completion on the east of Highway 3 and north of Rosemount.

Resembling an artist's conception of a colony on the moon, the gigantic tank rises four stories above the ground, and is expected to be completed in December.

The huge tank is 56 feet to the curve of the domed top and measures 134 feet in diameter. The outside shell is made up of welded quarter-inch thick sheets at the bottom to five-sixteenths inch sheets at the top.

The tank being built for Northern States Power Company to store, we understand propane gas was started in July 1962, and is to be completed in December.

Donald Fluegel becomes lawyer

On Oct. 5, 1962, in a ceremony before the Supreme Court, Donald J. Fluegel was admitted to the practice of law in the state of Minnesota. He has joined the firm of McMenomy and Hertogs, with offices in Hastings and Rosemount.

Mr. Fluegel attended Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C., receiving an L.L.B degree in June, 1962....

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Fluegel, Rosemount, and is married to the former Kathleen Storkamp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Storkamp, Rosemount.

Frank Butterfield vice president at oil refinery

Directors of Great Northern Oil Company have elected Frank E. Butterfield as vice president for crude oil supply, President W. J. Carthaus announced today.

Butterfield comes to Great Northern Oil Company from Houston, Texas, where he has been manager of Continental Oil Company's crude oil department for the past 10 years. He began work with Continental in accounting, transferred to pipe line operations and was terminal foreman at Corpus Christi, Texas, at beginning of World War II....

Butterfield will move his family to the St. Paul area sometime after Nov. 15. He and his wife have two daughters.

Great Northern Oil Company, Minnesota's largest refinery of petroleum products owns and operates the Pine Bend refinery, 14 miles south of the Twin Cites.

75 years ago

From the Nov. 12, 1937 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Unemployed census to start Nov. 16

The President of the United States has approved plans for taking a national census of the unemployed and partly unemployed.

This registration is to be made during the period Nov. 16 to Nov. 20, inclusive.

A card to be filled in will be delivered to every dwelling on Nov. 16, 1937, and returned to the Post Office, as soon thereafter as possible, but not later than Nov. 20. No postage is required on these cards.

Who should fill out cards are persons who are totally unemployed, able to work and want to work; persons who are partly employed and want more work, persons who are working on a WPA or any other emergency-work project supported by public funds.

100 years ago

From the Nov. 7, 1912 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune


Mrs. Jas. Geraghty and family of St. Paul, spent Saturday and Sunday visiting at the Mrs. M. Farrell home.

Mrs. Edward McLafferty spent last week visiting her sister, Mrs. Lovejoy in Hastings.

Irene Hogan, who is teaching school at Round Lake spent Saturday and Sunday at her home.

Edward Rowan and Alice Fee, of Mendota, spent Sunday visiting at the former's sister, Mrs. Frank Hyland.

Estrayed. Five calves strayed from my home two weeks ago, one roan and four red and white spotted, one male and four females, one had a rope on neck. P.H. Cummings, Rosemount, Minn. Route. 1.